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 Tali Mindek,

I have been working in the photography and video industry for 8 years. I graduated from Villa Julie College in 2005 with a degree in Film, Video, and Theater. I am experienced as a studio manager, album designer, digital photographer, and videographer. I love working in unique locations, and different styles, to create a personalized look for your photographs.
I've photographed and video taped hundreds of weddings, events and portraits. I also have a passion for photo journalism, glamour, and fashion photography. I've learned the "fast, funny, and friendly" style from Dad.

  Howard Mindek,

I believe the person behind the camera is the most important ingredient when photographing people. In my 32 years as a professional photographer I've kept up with the latest technology, equipment, posing and lighting techniques. I use all my knowledge of these combined techniques to prepare my subjects for their portrait. Then with style and humor, I create the smile and expressions that make a priceless photograph. Thousands of satisfied portrait, wedding, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah customers would agree that my "fast, funny, and friendly" style is what makes me and my company, unique.

Relax and Smile!

We'll take care of the memories!

Beautiful photographs of your memorable day are treasures you will cherish for a lifetime. Deciding who to trust with this important job is critical.

Thousands of satisfied customers and 40 years of combined professional experience make Howard Photography, Inc. the obvious choice. Our creativity and talent will produce a beautiful finished product and our easy going, lively style will make your entire experience a pleasure from beginning to end.


Our first goal is to

put the smile on your face...

then we record it !

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